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Waste Services in Houston, Texas

Astro Waste Inc. in Houston, Texas provides non-hazardous waste services for commercial and construction clients.

Astro Waste

We offer our commercial customers with front-end load containers ranging in sizes from 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 cubic yards. These boxes consist of all steel construction and come with hinged lids, allowing you to safely store your waste materials out of sight, wind, and weather. These boxes are ideal for any temporary household or permanent business trash needs.

For our construction customers we offer roll-off boxes ranging in sizes from 20, 30, and 40 cubic yard containers. These are large steel box containers with an open top for loading. The rear of the container has door access for easy hand loading of heavier materials. These boxes are ideal for construction sites, large renovations, and any large waste removal needs. 

Bottle, Waste Services in Houston, TX

Usage Terms
Our commercial clients are put on a contractual basis so that they can keep the disposal unit for as long as they need. Our construction customers call us to let us know when to come pick up the disposal unit, mainly because these are usually more short-term clients.

We provide reliable and cost-effective service. With a fleet of front-load collection vehicles, routing software, and the best customer service, Astro Waste Inc. is the premier provider of waste collection services in the Houston area.


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